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Our wonderful customers have sent us pictures and stories of their fantastic pets.   We want to share them with you.

Clancy looking at the world differently... loves avocado and olive oil. Eric is convinced that Clancy is tired of being a cat and wants to be a human being in his next lifetime.

photo of cat clancy

Four mixed-breed siblings and their aunt.
The four were born to a mother who was dumped in a junk yard.

photo of four bunnies and their aunt

The kids with Ziggy, rescued from the West L.A. Animal Shelter.
Unknown breed, main characteristics are: smart, good, natured, and has springs built into his paws!

photo of ziggy and the kids

Tiger - named for the stripes in his coat.
Boxer and pit bull mix. Born in February 2011.

photo of tiger - pit bull and boxer mix

Heres Elvis, hanging out in the kitchen.
He's a male french lop and a perfect companion for Tammy's four boys!

elvis (french lop) hanging out in the kitchen

Grand Champion Joyslyn's Heartbreaker.
Photo at age 7 months. He's now a champion show dog.

Grand Champion Joyslyns Heartbreaks - Lhasa Apso

Sebastian Oliver.
A spoiled Poochon (poodle / bichon) at age 18 months.

photo of dog samsie

Scrambled, Sunny-side, and Poached.
These would win any contest for best names!

Three chickens named Sunnyside, Poached, and Scrambled

This is Dory. She is a 15month old Goldendoodle. Her mom only uses natural products on her.

Dory the Goldendoodle dog

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If you would like to see your pet on this page please email a photo and background information to   If we can use it we will add it to this page.   Thank You.