Found a few fleas on our cat, so we got her treated (with Advantage). Immediately we noticed fleas jumping on and biting my family and me - guess they needed new hosts since they weren't living on our cat any more.

For two weeks, vacuumed daily, washed EVERYTHING possible in the house, left dishes of soapy water in areas where we frequently saw them, which seemed to help but did not get rid of them. I have two young boys and couldn't stand the thought of them getting flea bites so I called an exterminator, paid $130 to have the house sprayed thinking it would be worth it to be done with the fleas. We had to vacate the house for a few hours because of the smell and still continue with washing EVERYTHING again and vacuuming often. This seemed to be helping and we thought for sure the second round of spray a week later would have done the trick - it did not.

Did a little research and found DE. Non-toxic and cheap - I figured why not give it a shot. I wish I would have known about this stuff sooner! Within days of application (with a duster) to our carpets, rugs, cat bedding, upholstered furniture, windowsills and doorways we noticed a significant decrease. Didn't vacuum for about 4 days, then reapplied for about two weeks after vacuuming. Since then we have not seen a single flea.

I will probably reapply every few months to make sure the fleas don't come back. Depending on how you apply it may produce a smoky cloud but all settles in under 30 min - I just made sure I didn't apply with the kiddos in the room so they wouldn't inhale it.


I have three dogs in the house, and embarrassingly, I have been struggling with fleas for a few years.

I've tried store bought products, prescription products, including Frontline and Capstar, and every flea shampoo imaginable and nothing seems to work. Adams flea spray seemed to work best of all the products I used, but even it gets rid of the fleas for a only couple days, but then they are back.

Sometimes, I even wake up with fleabites on me! We decided our house must be infested, so we set off the flea bombs and that bought us about three days flea free.

Also, we are trying to make a move to natural products, so the more chemicals I used to kill fleas, the worse I felt about it all. I was using the Adams on our Chihuahua about every five days, when the recommended application is every nine days and I was afraid I was poisoning my dog!

So then I read about diatomaceous earth. I spent months researching and finally decided to take the plunge when we got a golden retriever and he was losing hair on his backside due to scratching and biting at fleas. I wanted to be able to take our golden camping and to ballgames etc but I knew I couldn't if he was all eat up in fleas. I was so embarrassed to admit I had let the problem get that bad and was ready to try ANYTHING. When I got this package, I immediately sprinkled the 3 inside dogs. I have been using the Chihuahua as the "control" because he has short white hair and fleas are easy to see on him. I HAVEN'T SEEN ONE FLEA SINCE I APPLIED DIATOMACEOUS EARTH!!! I'm sooo relieved!

Using DE, I got my house back under control! I sprinkled our carpets, furniture, and the perimeter of our house and haven't seen a flea since! Chemicals are harmful and expensive! I could ill afford to buy a Frontline or Advantix for each dog every month, but for less than ONE monthly serving of those poisons, I have enough DE to last a good long while. And it fits in to my general plan for going all natural. I am so happy with this product!


This diatomaceous earth was nothing short of a fantastic purchase.

Moved into a new apartment with something of a roach problem and now they are almost non-existent. The only ones I ever see are near entrances, where they have come from outside.

Others here have reported that it gets everywhere, but I have seen this to be only true if you are careless. If you sprinkle it into the air or sweep it about, you will have a dusty mess. I took my time and placed it where it needed to be and was careful not to let it fluff into the air and have had no problems with dust or mess whatsoever. Patience remains a virtue, it seems. One woman reported that it didn't work, but she also mentioned that she swept and vacuumed it away daily. And that is why it didn't work. Diatomaceous earth has to attach itself to the insects' carapaces (shells) and that is a process that requires time and exposure in order to be effective. If you let it sit (without vacuuming or sweeping), it works. I let it sit (at the bottoms of my baseboards and near food and water sources) for a few weeks and I no longer have an infestation.

It doesn't get more simple or effective than that. I swept and mopped it away after a few weeks had passed and now only see cockroaches near a certain window and the front door, which are near filthy people's apartments in my building. I can't get rid of the neighbors, but I can get rid of the bugs that love them - if they stray too far from their haven.

I plan to reapply it twice a year, just to be thorough. What a product!


I use this as a flea powder and insecticide for outdoor and feral cats.

As a food grade product I sprinkle it around their feeding areas to keep flies away, on their bedding and in their fur when I can get close.

When I take the feral cats to the vet they rarely have fleas or ticks. It works great. It is much cheaper than any flea treatment.

My other main use for this is in the garden as an insecticide. I try hard to keep it away from flowers so that bees can pollinate, rather I sprinkle it on the ground and stems. As a physical insecticide for pets and plants the down side is that it washes away easily so re-treatment is needed.

This stuff is great and I cannot understand why it is not used and recommended by vets and gardeners more.


Its so amazing what I have recently learned about diatomaceous earth and all that it can do.

I was having a flea problem in my home and so purchased it for that reason.  I haven't seen so much as a spider in the house since, but I will warn those who use this on their carpets: you may have read in other reviews that its messy...that's an understatement EVERYTHING was covered in dust. We wiped the house down (stupidly before vacuuming) and then rendered 2 vacuums useless after trying to suck all this stuff up. (And the vacuums made all the dust cloud up again, thus covering the entire house in it.. again) 2 weeks later I think we have finally vacuumed up everything. (took 3-4 hrs to unclog the Dyson).

Anyways...point being,

this stuff is great.  It does what it's supposed to, but it's a real pain in the ass to clean up!


This stuff is an absolute miracle. I found out about DE after battling a bad infestation of pesticide-resistant fleas for months.

My poor cats (three of which are six-month-old kittens) were also riddled with tapeworms due to the fleas, and after deworming them once, I was scared to give them more pesticides. I tried a variety of flea killer products, and no matter how often I vacuumed, treated the carpets, or bathed the cats, those fleas just kept coming back in greater numbers than before. The fleas and the worms were making my cats miserable, and I was completely and helplessly overwhelmed. Finally I stumbled across DE on a hopeful Google search for "kill fleas and tapeworms." I bought DE.

I'll tell you what I did, step by step, because this stuff systematically eliminated an infestation of fleas and tapeworms without the use of any poisons whatsoever:

  • I patted small amounts of the powder onto my cats' fur, making sure to work it in as close to their skin as possible. It's important to note that for longhair animals, you need to part a section of fur first and then spread the powder with your fingers. Otherwise it just gets dusted across the surface. A little goes a long way with DE. I never used more than a teaspoon.
  • I added 1 teaspoon of DE to their daily meals of wet food. It's very important that you do this every single day once you start. If you don't, the worms will lay more eggs. DE works gradually, and you have to keep up a daily routine for maximum efficacy.
  • I powdered the carpets once. Again, a little goes a long way. I used about two cups and that was enough for my whole apartment. To spread it around, I poked several holes in the top of a mason jar and sprinkled it lightly. I didn't treat the upholstery or any other fabrics. I wore a mask, threw open all the windows, and kept the cats in an untreated room for four hours to make sure they didn't breathe that stuff in, as it really is unhealthy to inhale. The seashells are like tiny razor blades, which are what kills the insects, but it's not something you want to breathe in!

After three weeks the fleas are virtually gone. I still see the cats scratch occasionally, but I have not seen a bug in a week. The poor kittens had sores on their necks from scratching and now they're gone. After the first week, I began powdering them every other day, and the third week, every three days. The tapeworms are totally gone. My cats feel so much better. They're ten times more playful and they finally seem like themselves again. After using the DE on the carpet, it took about two days for all of the insects that we saw routinely inside the apartment to disappear.

We never really had a problem with anything but the fleas, but I occasionally saw beetles, ants, and these freaky little centipedes. I don't see them anymore.

Please use diatomaceous earth to kill fleas and worms instead of pesticides. Pesticides are poison and therefore harmful to your animals no matter which way you look at it. DE is worth the time. It's also cheaper. Compare that to the exorbitant costs of dewormers, Frontline, Capstar, and Vet's Best products. All of the aforementioned things failed to solve my problem, along with Enforcer carpet spray, Adam's flea shampoo, Dawn soap, and Borax.


If you are sick of all the pesticides to control Flea, ants, and other pests you really need to try DE.

I started using this stuff because my rabbit and dog both got fleas, and the dog had a bad reaction to the pesticide the vet wanted me to put on her, and the rabbit had very sensitive skin, so after doing some research I found that the DE had been used for years for flea control.

It got rid of the fleas on the pets and in the carpet without the pesticides that all the other products have in them. Love this stuff!


This stuff really works for flea infestations, BUT you have to leave it sprinkled EVERYWHERE for over a week. If you can handle the mess for a while, your house will be FLEA FREE!


Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Testimonials

The testimonials below are emails, notes and conversations with Diatomaceous Earth users.   We love answering question or addressing concerns.   All other projects stop when the phone rings.   It's not rhetorical when we ask you to let us know how our products our working.   We appreciate the feedback so we can improve all our customer's experiences with Lumino.

We are aware that over 30% of the time the “placebo affect” is responsible for the healing or diminished symptoms that are reported. Also coincidence could be a factor. Symptoms do come and go on their own. That said, many of these testimonials refer to situations, such as stronger, longer fingernails, more and longer eyelashes, and faster growing hair that are clearly more observational than subjective relief from pain or exhaustion. We don't make the profits necessary to conduct the double blind tests that are the gold standard for big pharmaceutical companies. We rely on anecdotes from our customers to let us knowing what is working.

After taking DE for a few months I suddenly realized that I wasn't tired all the time.   I now have energy all day long.   I no longer “poop out” mid afternoon and am accomplishing much more by the end of the day.   This is great when our grandchildren come to visit, now I can tidy up after them while they nap.

I have been using diatomaceous earth for the last year and have experienced a wonderful improvement in my health even though I'm over 60 years old. The pain in my shoulders and joints has disappeared. I am able to walk far longer than I used to. I don't know if DE will work for everyone but it certainly helped me.

Was I ever surprised.   I had the ugliest most dreadful fingernails imaginable.   I was complaining to the clerk at the health food store she suggested I try Diatomaceous Earth as other customers had told her it helped their nails.   I started taking it and in just a few weeks my nails stopped peeling and cracking.

  I made an appointment for a manicure.   Something I hadn't felt like doing for years.   I had to laugh when the manicurist told me how nice my nails looked.  Thank you so much.

L ast year I went on an extended overseas trip. I was careful about the food and water. But still came home feeling gurgly and squeamish. A trip to the clinic confirmed by worst suspicions, parasites. The recommended prescription helped me feel marginally better. I was reading a travel Blog and the author talked about how she had had used Diatomaceous Earth to eliminate a nasty case of parasites. I found your jar at my local food coop. Within just a couple of weeks, I was my usual self again. Later, another visit to the clinic confirmed that there were no parasites.

I had been experiencing Candida symptoms for months. When I started using DE all the symptoms disappeared. I continue to take it everyday as a candida preventive.

Since I started taking Diatomaceous Earth last year, I feel it has taken years off my age. My joint pain is greatly reduced and my skin looks much better

FDA Disclaimer: This content is not intended to be a substitute for advice given by a physician, pharmacist, or other licensed healthcare professional. User statements regarding this dietary supplement have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. Those with health problems, pregnancy or who are nursing are specifically advised that they should consult their physician before taking any nutritional supplement. Any Diatomaceous Earth food grade uses other than those approved by the EPA, FDA, or USDA are strictly reports of what other users as well as, I myself, have experienced with Diatomaceous Earth.